If You Want To Un-Link Your Aadhaar From Your Mobile, Then Your Services Can Be Deactivated

Once you de-link the Aadhaar to your mobile, you will need to complete the KYC(Know Your Customer) process again...

Since the verdict on the Supreme Court's September 16 decision, the mandatory requirement of the basis for taking new mobile connections has been abolished. Since this decision, many users are un-linking or de-linking the Aadhaar number to their mobile connection. But did you know that once you have de-linked the Aadhaar to your mobile connection, you will need to complete the KYC(Know Your Customer) process once again. That's because your mobile number of KYC verification can also be closed.

Since the Supreme Court decision, telecom operators can not demand the Aadhaar card from the users. Additionally, the telecom service provider will have to link the base on the demand of the users. In such a situation, users will have to submit the KYC to any other ID proof service provider other than the Aadhaar Card. Apart from this, the Indian Unique Identification Authority has asked Telecom Service Providers to submit an Action Plan to de-link the base number of 12 digits. Within the next 15 days, Bharti Airtel, Reliance Jio and Vodafone Idea will have to submit a plan to link the base with UIDAI (Indian Unique Identification Authority).

According to UIDAI, the last date for submission of this action plan has been scheduled for October 15. Along with this, the Authority has also instructed the telecom service provider to notify the users to de-link the Aadhaar. According to the Department of Telecom (DOT), after de-linking the Aadhaar number to the mobile, users will have to deposit KYC document within 6 months otherwise, the user's mobile number will be deactivated (aborted).

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