UPSC website was hack and hackers put Doremon's photo on that

Tech News:- Hackers hacked the website of UPSC ie Union Public Service Commission today. Hackers hacked the website and put a photo of cartoon character Doremon in it. However, this website was later restored. According to media reports, after hacking the website of the Union Public Service Commission, the hackers left the message, in which Doraemon !!! Pick Up the call was written. Not only this, on the bottom side of the page they wrote I.M. STEWPEED.

The title track of this cartoon was playing in the background of the website. Let us know that the Union Public Service Commission issued the admission card of Men's examination today. Due to hacking, the test takers were having trouble downloading Admit Card. The website was later restored.

According to the UPSC, the information of the web site is managed by the National Informatics Center (NIC), a Government of India organization. This is not the first time that hackers have hacked any government website. Many such incidents have come out before. In April this year, the Supreme Court website was hacked for a few hours. This incident was at that time, where the top court had rescinded the Independent petition for the murder of Justice Loya. After that, the message of the site under maintenance was started on the website.

Earlier this year, Defense's website was hacked for a few hours. But the NIC took it off as a technical flaw.

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