Samsung Launches World's Largest Mobile Experience Center, Learn What Will Be Special

Here the company will showcase technology, lifestyle and innovation together. Here many different products will be experienced ...

Tech News:- Samsung Electronics has opened the world's largest mobile experience center in Bangalore. Its name is Samsung Opera House. Here the company will showcase technology, lifestyle and innovation together. Here, many different products will be experienced, which will include products related to virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the internet of things.

What will be special in Samsung Opera House:

Here people can enjoy virtual reality through 4D Sway Chair or Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair. People can enjoy 360 degree three-dimensional movements through 4D Sway Chair or Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair. Apart from this, you can become a fighter pilot while doing an aircraft stunt or you can experience the battle in space or a roller coaster ride. At the same time, a special VR Experience has been prepared for those who are interested in Kayaking or Rowing. Along with this, customers can also pre-book the Center Home Theater Zone for movies and shows.

Mr. HC Hong, President and CEO of Samsung South West Asia said, "Current users, especially young people, want a different kind of experience. To know better any product, they want to run and experience the product properly. This is why Samsung Opera House has been built. We have created many such experiences here that you have never seen before. Workshops, activities and events will also be organized at the Opera House. "

Samsung Opera House has been designed as Innovation, Lifestyle, Entertainment and Culture Hub. Events will also be organized for fitness, photography, gaming, music, movies, food, stand-up comedy, many other activities including technology. Let us tell you that the Mobile Experience Center was opened in less than two months of Samsung's world's largest mobile factory, which was opened in Noida in July. This center has opened in 33,000 sq. Feet.

Let us know that in the Experience Center, Samsung will offer a full range of smartphones and different devices, including flagship consumer electronics products such as QLED TVs, smart TVs, the frame and family hub refrigerators. Speaking of home appliances, there will be a separate setup for this. Here Chef will provide a live cooking demo using the Samsung Smart Oven. Samsung Opera House has a large display of accessories on the 24-foot wall. There will be a case, cover and a power bank.

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