MediaTek Will Create Processors For Budget 5G Smartphones:- MediaTek Helio M70

The processor maker, MediaTek, can launch 5G chips for budget smartphones next year ...

MediaTek, the maker of smartphone chips (processors), is going to soon create 5G chips for the budget smartphones. Next year, the technology is going to be bigger in the field, it is the launch of 5G technology. The world's largest mobile companies Samsung, Apple and Huawei are working on a 5G smartphone. It is clear that all major companies can launch their 5G smartphones in the premium range. Snapdragon processors can be given in these premium smartphones.

MediaTek has been preparing to design processors for budget 5G smartphones. MediaTek Helio M70 chips can be launched in 2019. This processor will be equipped with 5G technology. About this, MediaTek has announced in an exhibition running in China's Taiwan in China. The company reported that this processor will fully support 5G radio network.

Along with this, MediaTek has also joined the list of Exclusive Companies which is working on the 5G technology. Besides MediaTek, Qualcomm, Huawei, Ericsson, Nokia and Samsung are working on the 5G technology. However, these companies are not working on 5G chips, but these companies are working for suitable components for 5G.

This Latest MediaTek chipset will be support 5G with 7 nm Technology. MediaTek announced this chip in the program organized when 60 years of IC (Integrated Circuit).

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