Aadhaar Software Has Been Hacked, Anyone Can Make Unlimited Base IDs:- Technical & Smart Knowledge

Tech News Today:- This hack has been done by a patch under which the base enrollment software can be used anywhere in the world ...

The security of the base database in India has again raised questions. Actually, Aadhaar Enrollment Software has been hacked. This means that hackers can now create unlimited base IDs. In a media report, it has been claimed that the base database has been banned through a software patch. This allows hackers to close the security feature.

Learn what is the case:

The Huffington Post conducted a detailed investigation, whether it was correct or not, in which it was found that the base enrollment software has been hacked correctly. Multiple IDs can be generated from this. This news has been verified by Huffington Post via Global Security Experts. According to the news, this hack has been done by a patch under which the base enrollment software can be used anywhere in the world. Once installed in a computer with a patched base enrollment software, anybody can create multiple base IDs. Not only this, but it can also tamper with security protocols.

National security threat:

With the help of this patch, the base software can also be used by people sitting in Pakistan or Syria. With this, militants will be able to create an unlimited base ID and they will be able to enter India without any difficulty. Let us tell you that this patch is available for thousands of Whatsapp groups at a minimum of 2,500 INR. National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center and UIDAI have been notified about this matter, but no comment has been made on their behalf.

Previously, French security expert Elliott Anderson had questioned UIDAI how her helpline number could be saved in the phone of the people without her knowledge. There was also a lot of controversy about this matter. Elliot Anderson tweeted, "I repeat that there is no such thing that can not be hacked. It also applies also on the basis. it is never too late. Listen and talk to hackers instead of threatening them. "

What happens to the patch?

The patch can be called a bundle that works to change the function of the software program. Aadhaar enrollment system requires the operator's biometric verification. Patch changes to this need. That is, the hacker can start making a base ID only by logging through this patch. Please tell you that the patch also reduces the accuracy level of the IRIS scanner, so that any photograph can be made from Aadhaar ID. In addition, the patch also stops the inbuilt GPS capability of the software, so that no UIDAI or any other agency will ever know whether the Fake IDs have been created or not. However, the use of patches is not always used to harm. Patch is also used by companies for small updates in their existing programs.

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