UIDAI will release the new facility from September 15, now it will be possible to see the verification

     UIDAI, the Indian Unique Identification Authority, has announced the introduction of Biometric Face Recognition (face-to-face) facility, face-weight (in a phased manner) from September 15. Now for fingerprint scans for verification of users, face rectangulation will also be used. This service will be started for the first telecom providers. Let us know that UIDAI was going to start this service from 1 July 2018, which was later extended to 1 August 2018. But, now UIDAI is going to release it in a phased manner from September 15.

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Provision of penalty on telecom companies

Telecom companies can also impose the penalty on UIDAI if the target is not met. In addition to Telecom Service Providers, for verification agencies, UIDAI has said that special guidelines will be issued to implement this face recognition feature. However, the authority has not set any time for, this.

Such mobile companies will carry verification

The Indian Unique Identification Authority said, "In cases where the basis for taking mobile SIM, the photo taken on the face of the face (live face photo capture) and its photo with the photo taken in eKYC is necessary. Will happen.' UIDAI further said that the purpose of this step is to prevent the possibility of fake fingerprint or cloning, along with it, to issue a mobile SIM and to activate it, to strike the process and activate it in every way. In June this year, a mobile SIM card dealer from Hyderabad used fake base details to activate thousands of SIMs.

Directions not applicable on active SIM with other ID

Ajai Bhushan Pandey, CEO of UIDAI, while talking to the media said, "Instructions for linking live face photo to eKYC photo will be applicable in those cases, where the basis has been used to take the SIM. If the SIM is issued through another ID card, then these guidelines will not apply. ' If a person provides his Aadhaar number under the proposed Two-Factor Verification process from UIDAI, then verification will be done using fingerprint or face. If a person provides a virtual ID, verification can be done with fingerprint or iris.

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