The OnePlus 6T will be launch with Triple camera in November 2018 (Not confirmed only humor)

Technology:- Chinese mobile manufacturer OnePlus has recently launched OnePlus 6. It is reported that like OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5T, the company can launch OnePlus 6T this time. This phone is likely to be launched in November. No confirmation has been given about the smartphone from the company. Despite this, various types of reports are coming out about the new smartphone features. Here we are talking about some similar features and improvements, with which the new OnePlus 6T may be launched in the market.

OnePlus 6T Specifications(Not Confirmed only Humor):-

Operating System: The company can give Android Pie operating system in a OnePlus 6T model. Because, OnePlus 6, 5T and Oneplus 5 already run on Android Oreo, run on OxygenOS. In addition, the OnePlus 6 model has also participated in the Android pie's beta program. That's why the OnePlus 6T increases the likelihood of Android 9.0.

Processor: This smartphone will be based on the new and better processor available in the market. In such a case, if Qualcomm Snapdragon's new processor is not launched, then this smartphone will also be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset. On this same chipset, WPS10 is also based.

RAM: There is no hope of raising the RAM in the OnePlus 6T model. Because the company has already given 8GB of RAM in its flagship model OnePlus 6.

Storage: The company launched its flagship smartphone OnePlus 6 this year with 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage variant. The storage of these smartphones can not be extended with the help of Micro SD card. Therefore, the company is expected to launch the 512GB storage variant of OnePlus 6T.

Wireless Charging: Before launching OnePlus 6, it was expected that the company will offer the option of wireless charging in OnePlus 6, but it did not happen. Now it is being said that the company will give the option of wireless charging in its new model OnePlus 6T.

Rear Camera: The news is that Oppo will give a pop-up camera to OnePlus 6T as soon as Vivo's new smartphones. Apart from this, a Triple camera like Huawei P20 Pro can also be given in the rear of this smartphone.

Big Battery: The company did not have any improvements in the OnePlus 5T battery launched last year. However, the company had raised 400mAh in the OnePlus 3T battery launched a year earlier. It is now expected that the OnePlus 6T battery will improve the company's capacity.

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