MediaTek Helio P22 Budget Oriented Processor # Review and Specifications

Hi Guys, I am Ankit and today we will discuss about MediaTek Helio P22 Chipset. This Mid Range Processor launch few months ago. The MediaTek Helio P22 chipset is the new addition of the Helio P20. This MediaTek Helio P22 based on 12nm technology like a Helio P60 chipset. 

MediatTek Helio P22 Introduction :-

          The Mediatek Helio P22 has advance features that we have found on Helio P60 chipset for example It has features like dual VoLTE AI features, It also incorporate features like NeuroPilot Module and Imagiq pump express name of few & improved actually performance for Dual Camera set-up and I hope this chipset will being a fordable what we say Mid-Range Smartphones which is actually important in a country like India.
          This Mediatek Helio P22 chipset is very power efficient just like a Helio P60, generally what we see a Budget oriented and Mid-Range chipset is that.  It's also work on Octa Cores based on the Cortex A53 and you can be clock it up to 2.0 GHz. The GPU which is used with this processor is IMG PowerVR GE8320 which is clock up to 650MHz. The good thing of this chipset is this support both DDR3 and DDR4 Memory which is actually very important because DDR3 is a lot more cost effective. Hence, the chipset can be implemented by Android manufacturers with law cost device they can do support DDR 3 Memory but again also support faster DDR 4 Memory.

          In terms of the other features this Mediatek Helio P22 chipset is support the modern screen expect ratio up to 20:9 and also 18:9 & 19:9. Now moving to the Camera this chipset actually support the good proper dual camera setup up to 13 MP + 8 MP with the IS piece optimized. One of the good thing of this Mediatek Helio P22 chipset is this support EIS. This chipset also support AI features like Bokeh mode, Face unlocking, smart photo album algorithm & also dual camera AI support. It does support AI open platform for example TensorFlow, TF Lite, Caffe. Generally if you notice that Budget Oriented chipset simply do not get this AI features but this is actually present in this Mediatek Helio P22 chipset.

          Another good thing of this Mediatek Helio P22 chipset that it also support True Dual 4G VoLTE which is actually very important in India. This chipset also support Bluetooth 5.0 and Wifi ac stand so it support latest Wifi standards which is generally not found in Budget Oriented chipset.

Main Features of MediaTek Helio P22 :-

Processor :-

CPU Type : ARM Cortex-A53
Max CPU Frequency : 2.0 GHz
Cores : Octa (8)
CPU Bit : 64 bit

Graphics :-

GPU Type : IMG PowerVR GE8320
Max GPU Frequency : 650MHz
Max Display Resolution : 1600 × 720 pixel
Video Encoding : H 264
Video Encoding FPS : 1080P @ 30fps
Video Playback : H 264, H 265 / HEVC
Video Playback FPS : 1080 P @ 30fps

Memory and Storage :-

Memory Type : LPDDR3, LPDDR4
Max Memory Frequency : 933MHz; 1600MHz
Max Memory Size : 4GB; 6GB
Storage Type : eMMC 5.1

Camera :-

Max Camera ISP : 21MP, 13+8 MP
Capture FPS : 21MP@30fps; 13+8 MP@30ps

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