How to download chat history of block contacts in WhatsApp?

New Delhi (Tech Desk):- A feature is being tested on blocking the Whatsapp app. This feature has been first seen on WABetaInfo. It is available on Android Beta version 2.18.246 of Whatsapp. If the feature report will work through buttons This will allow users to retrieve chat history of those contacts and groups which have been blocked by users. Keep in mind that the news will soon be rollout for all the users.

Learn how to download chat history of block contacts in WhatsApp:

  • For this, you have to be a Whatsapp beta tester. For this, you have to sign up on your PC or smartphone with WhatsApp beta tester.
  • Report button has been redesigned. Users will be able to use the new feature through this button.
  • This allows a single person or group to get reports, blocks and their chat history again.
  • To use this feature on a person's chat, click on the triple dot menu. Now click on View Contact to scroll down. Here you will find the report option.
  • Click on the triple dot menu for the groups. After that click View group info and select Report.
  • After clicking the Report button, users will get the option to block a contact and delete chat histories. Users will also be able to select retain chat histories of blocked contacts.
  • The reporting feature will be used in similar ways in groups.
  • This feature is currently only available in the Android beta version.

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