Five Latest Technical & Smart Features of WhatsApp, Learn How It Works?

Technical & Smart Knowledge: In the instant messaging service Whatsapp, many latest technical & smart features have been added these days. There are 25 million WhatsApp users in India. According to a survey, the app that downloads from the Google Play Store is Whatsapp Number One. It has been downloaded the most frequently this year. Let's tell you that these new 5 features of Whatsapp are very useful and users are also liked.

Pind chat feature:-

With this feature, you can pinpoint any group or personal chat. This smart feature has been waiting for a long time. You can combine any of three important contact or groups from your contact list or group. Keep in mind that more than three chats cannot be pinned at once. This way you can see important chats of your contacts above and you will not need to find chat.

Two-factor authentication feature:-

This technical feature has been recently added to the Whatsapp app. This feature gives users' Whatsapp app access and secure. With this new update of Whatsapp, this feature gets added to your app. This feature has been linked to security. Beta testing of this feature was going on for a long time. Since joining this feature, you can use Whatsapp with other digital platforms and with security.

Voice Assistance:-

Whatsapp app messages are now easier to read for Apple users. Apple's Voice Assistance series can now read Whatsapp messages. For this, you have to give a permit. However, this feature has not rolled out to Android users.

Text status:-

Let us know that when the image status feature was added in the Whatsapp, the text status was removed. But, it has been added again. Simultaneously, you can share stories on Whatsapp as you like Instagram. Because the story status of Whatsapp is only for 24 hours. After this, the status is automatically removed. But, you can change the text status with your wishes,

Video calling button:-

These days the new video calling button has been added to the Whatsapp app. A separate icon has also been provided for this. Apart from this, users can also enjoy video group calling feature. Through group video calling, users can add four people to a video call simultaneously.

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