How To Survive In Online Banking? || Be Alert From Online Fraud.

     The government is taking steps to secure it after the cases of fraud that have come from online banking for so long. In this process, on the instructions of the Ministry of Finance, all banking applications and services are being linked to Cyber Security Cell. There will be no threat of hacking. This step happened after the meeting between the officials of the Reserve Bank and the government banks held some time ago. After this meeting, the banks decided to strengthen cyber risk management.

How will online banking be safe?

     Under this step, software and applications related to banking services will be linked to the technical department in Bank Headquarters. With this, online transactions are being considered to further strengthen the process of getting OTP on mobile.

How will this system work?

     According to Gopal Agrawal, the independent director of Bank of Baroda, all the branches of the bank will be connected to the central system. This system will send an alert to the manager if there is a large or suspicious transaction. This will allow any kind of wrong activity to be monitored and prevent hacking or any fraud.

Use these precautions to avoid online fraud:

  • Do not share your personal information with anyone. Do not tell anyone your date of birth, car number, mobile number etc.
  • Do not save internet banking details, account number, and ATM PIN in mobile.
  • Do not give any information related to your bank when any kind of call arrives.

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