Automatically Scratch Remove # from the Display

           What if your phone's screen recovers after its scratch? This may be possible soon. Actually, Samsung has filed an anti-fingerprint compound patent. This patent application has been published by the World Intellectual Property Organization. This has provided self-healing properties for film, laminate, and device. This proves that Samsung wants to make its devices shaker-proof.

What will be the special anti-fingerprint compound?

          This is self-healing oleophobic coating. This is an anti-fingerprint composition. These include compounds such as polyrotaction, polyhedral, cilisacviocsen and fluorinated (meth) acrylic. This coating will be installed on the Gorilla Glass used on Samsung smartphones. These coatings are not new and they have been used for mobile phones for many years. In this case, this patent of Samsung can be called new because the company has added a new property to it. Also creating the anti-fingerprint compound which can regenerate itself.

          It is difficult to say, however, that it can regress the scratch when it comes to the screen. But if it also fixes small scratches or damages that come in the screen, then it can prove to be quite beneficial for the phones. Currently, Gorilla Glass 5 is being used in Galaxy Note 9. This makes the phone's rear and back panel safe. Looking at the increasing popularity of thin bezel and big screen, if Samsung brings such a composition, then it will prove to be very effective for Scratches coming on smartphones.

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