Android 9.0 Pie # What is this? # Mostly AI base OS

Finally Google has announce that his new Android version 9.0 P which is Pie. Today we will discuss about this Android 9.0 Pie's Top features. This android pie is rolling out right now for some devices like google pixel 2 / pixel 2 xl with new fully AI technology, extended battery life, gesture navigation etc. This android version is better than android 8.0 oreo like more colourful interface, a collection of new movement animations & rounded edges on everything. If you guys have one of the google pixel smartphone like pixel 2 or pixel 2 xl you can now enjoy this new android 9.0 pie.

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Top Features of Android Pie :- 

Gesture navigation : 

          In the new android pie the phones will be comes in only gesture modes , there are no home screen button, back button & no any overview button. This android pie is only running on gesture system like swipe up, swipe down, swipe left, swipe right and many more gestures.
         The new gesture navigation button occupies the same space as the traditional on screen buttons, but the home button is now a pill shape and it moves. Tap it to go home, flick it up to see recently used apps, swipe upwards twice or pull it up further to get to the app drawer, or hold it down to activate Google Assistant. The back button still appears when needed, but the overview button has gone.

Battery & Adaptive  Brightness :-

         One of the best selling point of this android pie is its use of AI to maximize battery life.. This AI learns individual's usage patterns and directs the power to only the apps you need at the time you need them for more predictable day-to-day battery life.

         AI has also been integrated into Android Pie's Adaptive Brightness or Brightness Control & this will be learn your manual adjustments and then perform in your device.

App Actions :-

         Google is attempt app app actions through AI in new Android Pie., which seeks to predict not only the app that you want at any particular moment, but action from within that app too. 

Rotation Suggestion :-

         This change is very small but very useful and improve our day-to-day life usage. Now when you have rotation lock turned on to stop the screen rotating orientation accidentally, and you can turn on your phone intentionally, a little button appears in the navigation bar.

These are the top features of Android 9 Pie, another features like Smart Replies, Notch screen improvements, Text Selection & most important is Privacy improvements.

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