Types of Mobile Phone Handsets

There are five types of mobile phone handsets and devices. The lines between the types are blurring as each one adopts certain features of the others:

Standard Cellular Phone :- 

          Also called a cell phone, mobile phone or wireless phone. Provides basic mobile phone features. Some models provide advanced features such as ringtones, camera and push-to-talk.

Smart Phone :- 

          Smart phones are cell phones with advanced digital media features such as e-mail, messaging, web browsing, audio, video, personal information management and text/data entry.
          Apple offers the popular iphone touch-screen handset.
          The most common Smartphone operating system is the Symbian platform. Symbian PLC is a software development consortium owned by Nokia, Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Panasonic, Siemens and Samsung.

PDA phone :- 

          PDA phones are wireless Personal Digital Assistant devices that have evolved into providing cell phone-like features.
          Major manufacturers are Palm One, Hewlett-Packard and Dell. Popular operating systems are Palm OS and Microsoft Mobile Pocket PC.

BlackBerry :- 

          Made by Research in Motion Inc. is a portable device for e-mail and phone. It has a small easy-to-use keyboard for simple e-mail, massaging, attachment, viewing, WML/HTML browsing and voice calling. Service is provided by partner wireless carriers around the world.

Satellite phone :- 

          Use a system of earth-orbiting satellites to connect a mobile phone to the public telephone networks. Major handset manufacturer is Motorola.
          The main advantage of satellite phone service is total worldwide coverage. Disadvantages are audio delay, signal interference and high costs.

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