Main Uses for Mobile Phones

The most popular uses and applications for mobile phones are :

  • Voice calling :- Talking on the telephone.
  • Voice mail :- Callers can leave message if your phone is busy or turned off.
  • E-mail :- Send and Receive e-mails with other e-mail addresses.
  •  Messaging :- Send and Receive text, picture and instant (chat) messages with other mobile phone users and e-mail addresses. See Text Messaging Acronyms and Abbreviations.
  • Mobile Content :- Get news, weather, sports, financial and other information from mobile service providers or from Internet Web sites.
  • Gaming :- Play games that are downloaded to your handset or played online on the internet.
  • Personalize your phone :- to your own style by adding custom ringtones, ringback tones, face-plates, themes, background images, icons, voice greetings and screen-savers.
  • Play music :- using an audio (MP3) player to play downloaded tracks or listen to radio.
  • Take photos or videos :- with a built-in camera. Then send the image files to others.
  • Download and view images :- with a photo (JPEG) viewer or video (MPEG) player.
  • Organize personal information :- using a calendar, clock, alarm, address book, task manager or memo pad.
  • Shop :- Make retail purchases from Web-based stores (e-commerce).
  • Bank :- Manage your money using an e-wallet.
  • Location-based services :- Maps & directions, Retail store directory. Track persons, cars, pets etc. 

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