LCD Projector

LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) Projector

  • There are basically two types of projectors, namely LCD and DLP designs.
  • An LCD projector is a type of video projector for displaying video, images or computer data on a screen or other flat surface.
  • LCD Projection is by far the cheaper method of getting great home cinema.
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Advantages of LCD Projector:

  1. Higher contrast and brightness capability. LCD is generally more 'light efficient' than the DLP. For example, if you use a lamp of the same wattage in both an LCD and DLP, the LCD will produce a brighter image.
  2. Lower power consumption.
  3. LCD produces a sharper image (more precisely focused).

Disadvantages of LCD Projector:

  1. Since an LCD chip is made up of a panel of individual pixels, if one pixel burns out it displays an annoying black or white dot on the projected image. Individual pixels cannot be repaired, if one or more pixels burn out, the entire chip has to be replaced.
  2. They are more complex so they are not easy repairable and also they very expensive to repair.

Common Usage for Students:

  1. Multimedia Presentations
  2. Classroom Uses
  3. Presenations

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